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 Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1-2-3-4

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PostSubject: Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1-2-3-4   Mon Sep 03, 2007 11:15 pm

1. Find Talien standing on the stairs leading to Einhasad Temple in Aden. He asks you to bring him the record of the seventeen nemesis who once challenged the Land Dragon.
2. Visit Gabrielle, a direct decendant of one of the heros. She is located near the west exit of Giran town square. She mentions a poet in the hero bunch who became an undead guarding Antharas.
3. Locate Antharas Watchman Gilmore at the entrance of Dragon Valley. He says that he is too busy and sends you to find the Elf Witch Baraham, who is also one of the seventeen heros.4 Baraham is inside a cave west of Beehive. If you take the road from the beach leading up towards the Monster Race Track, the entrance will be on your right. You will find Quest Monster Baraham in there, surrounded by six Quest Monsters Cave Basilisks. Kill Baraham to get Legend of Seventeen. The basilisks are social but they should all be dark blue to you at this point and fairly easy to kill.5. Go back to Talien. This time he wants an echo crystal containing the song about King Raul and the unification of his kingdom.
7. Hunt Malruk Succubus and Malruk Succubus Turen for 10 Malruk Succubus claws. The drop rate is bad (about 1 claw per 12-15 succubi), although it is not last hit required.
8. Bring the claws back to Kantabilon.
10. Meet Master Stedmiel in Warrior's Guild at Hunter's Village. He gives you a faded poetry book.
11. Back to Talien. He tells you that his sponsor, Virgil, wants to see you.
12. Go to Virgil in Rune. He is up on a balcony behind the temple with his colleague and his sick granddaughter.
14. Grand Seer Rahorakti is located in the Mystic Guild just underneath the temple. He says that he needs 5 units of crimson moss from the Splinter Stakatos in Swamp of Screams to prepare the medicine.
15. Hunt Splinter Stakatos, Splinter Stakato Walkers, Soldiers and Drones. The drop rate is about 1 moss per 30-40 kill but again not last hit required. Hunting in Swamp of Screams is a bit tricky since the monsters here have the tendency to run for the closest nest and bring back reinforcements when their hp falls low regardless of where you are standing. Make sure you bring someone who can root them because the Drones resist sleep. They also do bleed and stun.
17. Take Rahorakti's Miraculous Medicine to Kassandra, Virgil's granddaughter, then talk to Virgil again.
18. Go to Goddard. Caradine is standing by the east gate.
19. Head Blacksmith Noel reluctantly accept your offer to help them. Collect 5 lunargent and 1 hellfire oil. (Total base items needed: 2 sulfur, 5 quicksilver, 10 blood root, 60 volcanic ash, 100 lava stone, 100 demon blood, 500 moonstone shards. Refer to Supplier of Reagant quest on where and how to obtain these items.)
20. Once you've got the final items, return to Noel 21. Go back to Caradine. She gives you Virgil's Letter to start the second part of Path to a Nobless, Possessor of a Precious Soul. Go talk to Virgil once you reach lvl 60 on your subclass.
Prerequisite: Subclass Level 60; Completed Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul 1
(Screenshots to follow)
Remember, Virgil needed your help RIGHT NOW. So why aren't you there already? You are? OK good, start the quest (Rune Castle Town, teleport to temple, out on the balcony in case you forgot and didn't go help him right away). His grand daughter had a horrible dream about a princess who needed help. DO IT!

This part is all a little fuzzy for me right now. I don't remember the exact order, I'll update it when I go through my screenshots. I believe you have to go find a bunch of angels and a nasty looking NPC. I think the angels are around the Swamp of Screams, just follow the yellow thumbtack. Talk to him and he'll tell you he tried to save the princess and had to kill all these angels. He doesn't know where she went. You inspect the bodies of the angles, they'll disappear. Eventually they'll respawn. Keep doing this until you find a single blonde hair. Talk to the NPC again and he'll tell you to go to Witch Calis near IT, who owes him a favor, to cast a spell to find out where the princess is.

Teleport to Ivory Tower, speak to Witch Calis to the east of IT (the same one for the level 5 class change quest) who tells you she needs supplies for her spell to work. So run to Alchemist Matild (who is housesitting for Calis) to the West of IT to get the supplies, then back to Calis. I'm really not sure which is next here. Its either teleport around talking to NPCs or head straight to valley of the saints.

Head through the valley of the saints till you find a cave where the thumbtack is. Kill the quest monsters (they're not social) and get orbs of binding. They're not last hit, and 100% drop rate so someone in your party gets one everytime. This part was a bit weird for us. I would suggest having one person (whoever gets 4 first) speak to all the seals and use the orbs to unseal the unicorn. If you don't, the seals will respawn and you'll have to keep doing it, but I think it keeps track of how many seals you've undone. The 4th seal will take all of your orbs of binding. So its not worth trying to get more. After you do your 4th seal, speak to the unicorn, who magically comes alive and is really the princess. Hooray you saved her. Now...yep...back to Virgil!

After talking to Virgil and those three NPCs there, you'll get experience and Caradine's Letter, which you need to start the next Noblesse Quest. But at least its not RIGHT NOW! But you should head to Caradine in Goddard anyways to start the quest once your subclass hits 65.

Prerequisite: Subclass Level 65; Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul 1 & 2
(Screenshots to follow)
Talk to Caradine in Goddard Castle Town. You'll find out the Princess is weak and needs some special items to unseal her powers and break free of a curse. So of course YOU and only YOU can save the princess by getting these items.

Again, because these quests are so amazing, I repressed some of the memories so I'm not 100% sure on some parts of this (if you have to teleport to different places first). I'll update when I go through my screenshots. I think you actually go back to Rune and speak to Virgil & company again before killing the monsters, but I can't really remember.

You'll first be asked to get some items from the Valley of the Saints monsters, Pilgrim of Splendor (which is actually Shine, its a translation error) and Judge of Splendor (Shine). Teleport to the entrance of the Valley of Saints (from Seven Signs priest), or run there. From the entrance, run into the valley and to the right (southeast). Go up top across a bridge. Turn right. You'll find Pilgrims of Shine here. They're a group monster, and all three monsters nuke. Kill a bunch until you get the quest item you need.

Run around up top until you find the Judges. Again, all three monsters nuke. Kill them until you get the quest item you need. Neither are last hit.

Bring the items back and you find you need a third one. To get it you have to kill the princess' nemesis, a level 70 raid boss in the Valley of Saints called Barakiel (its splendor/shine something or other but there are typos aplently so its hard to tell what its real name is beyond something Barakiel). He's all the way to the northeast in the Valley of the Saints. Follow the yellow thumbtack. You'll see what looks like a translucent wall. Go through it to see the raid boss. Kill him. If you are strong, you can solo him. If you aren't, get a bunch of people together who need the quest. Only the people in the party who gets last hit on the raid boss will receive the quest item.

Once you have the item, return to the NPC who sent you there. You then get to sent to IT. Hooray you saved the princess! And you'll get experience and a letter to start the fourth and final Noblesse Quest. You are almost there. Now you just have to hit 75 on your subclass!
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Path of a Noblesse, Possessor of a Precious Soul - 1-2-3-4
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