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PostSubject: Enchanting   Enchanting Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 10:31 pm

Enchanting Items
Some weapons and armor can be fortified by using Scroll: Enchant Weapon and Scroll: Enchant Armor. There are different enchantment scrolls for each grade of weapons and armor. No Grade items cannot be enchanted.

Almost all weapons and armor can be safely enchanted to +3, but beyond that, success is based on a pre-defined rate of probability. One-piece type armor can be safely enchanted up to +4.

Weapons that are enchanted to +4 glow a light silver, and as the enchantment level increases, the glow deepens to blue and changes to red at high levels.

When enchantment fails, the item will be destroyed and turned into crystals. The number of crystals generated depends on the item's value.

Blessed Scrolls of Enchant Weapon/Armor are similar to normal Scroll: Enchant Weapon and Scroll: Enchant Armor, but the item will not disappear when the enchantment fails. However, upon failure to enchant, the item will be reverted to +0.

Enchanting Armor Sets

Additional effects will be bestowed when complete armor sets are enchanted to +6 and above. Each individual item in the set will need to be enchanted to +6 or above in order to benefit from the new effects.

These effects differ depending on each individual armor type or grade.

Enchanting Skills

The third class transfer must be completed in order to be able to enchant skills. Speak to the NPC who began the third class transfer quest for more information about enchanting skills.

Skill enchanting differs from the usual method of increasing skill levels. Enchanted skills improve unconditionally, and it is possible to choose specific enchant effects. However, the choice must be made when the skill is initially enchanted. Once the enchantment is selected, other abilities cannot be improved.

The cost of skill enchantment is experience and SP. The Secret Book of Giants is required for the initial enchantment, and if it is successful, only experience points in the current level and SP will be consumed for additional enchants.

There is a probability that the skill enchanting may fail. In the case of a failed enchantment, the skill will revert to the pre-enchanted state.
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PostSubject: Re: Enchanting   Enchanting Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 3:17 am

Man don't just copy and paste some people are getting the wrong information. Every day I get asked multiple times what the safe enchant is (+10) and now everyone who reads this will think its +3
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