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PostSubject: L2 Dictionary   L2 Dictionary Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 10:36 pm

A little dictionary for the new one's
- WTB ... = Want to buy ... (your wish)
- WTS ... = Want to sell ... (your offer)
- WTT ... = Want to trade .. (your wish+offer)
- WH = Ware House
- CWH = Clan Ware House
- Buffer = A character or class which cast 'good magic' which will increase your stats, amount of HP (Hit Points), MP (Mana Points), regeneration rate of either HP or
- De-buffer = A character or class which cast 'bad-magic' which does the oposite of a Buffer.
MP, attack or cast speed etc.
- Tanker = A character or class which is designed to deal minor amounts of damage but got enormous amounts of deffense and skills to provoke Raid Bosses to attack him and only him while his friends attack the boss.
- Caster = A character or class which cast 'bad magic' which will damage or de-buff the oponent.
- Healer = Support class mages with strong healing spells, such as a Cardinal
- Nuker = "big" damage class, such as a Storm Screamer
- DC = Disconnected (Can happens everytime, can also mean a playable Class)
- k = Thousand
- kk = Million
- kkk = Billion
- AOE = Area of Effect, created by a skill or spell that damages a area and just not one target
- Boss Jewels = Refering to the jewelery pieces: Antharas' Earring, Zakken's Earring, Necklace of Valakas and Ring of Baium

Soul and Spirit Shots
SS = Soulshot

SSD = Soulshot D-Grade
SSC = Soulshot C-Grade
SSB = Soulshot B-Grade
SSA = Soulshot A-Grade
SSS = Soulshot S-Grade

SS/Sps = Spiritshot (Will probably not be mentioned often)

SSD/SpsD = Spiritshot D-Grade
SSC/SpsC = Spiritshot C-Grade
SSB/SpsB = Spiritshot B-Grade
SSA/SpsA = Spiritshot A-Grade
SSS/SpsS = Spiritshot S-Grade

BSS/Bsps = Blessed Spiritshot

BSSD/BspsD = Blessed Spiritshot D-Grade
BSSC/BspsC = Blessed Spiritshot C-Grade
BSSB/BspsB = Blessed Spiritshot B-Grade
BSSA/BspsA = Blessed Spiritshot A-Grade
BSSS/BspsS = Blessed Spiritshot S-Grade
BS = Blacksmith
SA = SpecialAbility (an extra for Weapons)

Items & Equipment
DC Robe/Light/Heavy = Dark Crystall Robe/Light/Heavy
SoM = Sword of Miracles
Drac = Draconic Armor
NM Robe/Light/Heavy = Nightmare Robe/Light/Heavy
Imp = Imperial Crusader Armor
Arcana = Normaly refered to as Arcana Mace Acumen (Acumen is an special ability which increases cast speed with 15%)
GMHP = Greater Magic Haste Potion
MP or MP Pot = Mana potion
SoE = Scroll of Escape

ToI = Tower of Insolence
MDT = Monster Derby Track
FoG = Forge of the Gods
Varka = Varka Silenos Outpost
Ketra = Ketra Orc Outpost
DV = Dragon Valley

BD or SP = Bladedancer or Spectraldancer (3rd class of Blade Dancer)
Proph = Prophet or Hierophant/Hiero = Hierophant (3rd Class of Prophet)
SH = Spell Howler or Strom Screamer (3rd class of Spell Howler)
BH = Bounty Hunter
WS = War Smith
WC/DC = Warcryer/Doomcryer
WL = Warlord
OL = Overlord

WW = Wind Walk
Acu = Acumen
BtB = Bless the Body
BtS = Bless the Soul
Berz or Serk = Berserk
Res/Rez = Ressurection
BoA = Body of Avatar
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L2 Dictionary
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